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Manga Bruce Wayne: Not Super


Synopsis Bruce Wayne: Not Super

13-year-old Bruce Wayne attends an exclusive prep school for the gifted. But in this case, gifted means kids with super-powers. Bruce is suddenly the least special person in his world--and must learn to work with the talents he does have. It''s hard enough being in middle school, but it''s even worse when you''re the only kid at your school who doesn''t have super-powers. That''s the case for poor Bruce Wayne at the Gotham Preparatory School for the Really, Really, Really Gifted, where the struggles of being un-powered are made worse by the presence of so many exceptionally gifted students. He doesn''t stand a chance of winning a race against the future Flash, or a swim meet against the future Aquaman, and he always gets picked last for dodgeball. And when it comes to winning the attention of the most popular girls at school—Diana Prince and Selina Kyle--he figures he stands no chance at all. Bruce does have a goal though: he wants to make a difference in the world. But how can he do that when he doesn''t have any powers? While the Future-Supers are currently content to simply use their gifts to glide through school and court popularity, Bruce struggles to figure out if he has any gifts at all — and if so, how to use them. His challenge comes when he discovers fellow student Jack Napier and his hired bully Bane shaking down lesser-powered students for money, including that hapless kid Dick Grayson. Someone must stand up to them and somehow, it''s going to be Bruce!
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