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Manga A Deceitful Marriage

The Beggar Duke, A Deceitful Marriage, Duke, Me casé por fraude, 각설이 공작

Synopsis A Deceitful Marriage

Sylvia Laurens could not bear the torture of her father, stepmother and half-brother, so she fled home and hid in the Duchy of the war-loving Duke of Aswan. Since the departure of the duke, the castle had been neglected for 7 years, so Sylvia cleverly pretends to be the pregnant wife of the Duke of Aswan who is carrying his only child, and lies that she was attacked by enemy forces along the way. However, one day, while living as the Duchess, the Duke of Aswan returns alive from the battlefield! Instead of kicking Silvia out, Victor turns a blind eye to her fraudulent activities. What is the fate of Sylvia Lorens in the castle of this terrible warlord? ****** Our Duke, who came last year, returned without dying. Sylvia, a poor noble lady, fled her house to avoid an unwanted marriage. She decides to make her new home in the Duchy of Aswan, ruled by the warmonger Victor Aswan. Rumored to be a vicious killer, he seems destined to remain on the battlefield for the next 20 years. After a month of living happily in the duke’s castle while pretending to be Victor’s bride, however, the duke, who had been gone for seven years, suddenly returns. “You say you are carrying my child?”
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