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Manga A Dream Between the Sheets

Sheet No Namima De Miru Yumemitai Na, Sheets no Aida de miru Yume mitaina, シーツの波間, シーツの波間でみる夢みたいな

Synopsis A Dream Between the Sheets

Story 1: Romantic Night Tender caresses and kisses exchanged in a hotel suite. They get each other’s feelings perfectly like they’ve found the one they’ve been searching for their whole lives. He loves every inch of her, causing her body and soul to melt away in the intense feelings he invokes in her. Yukino, who worked as store manager of a cosmetics store, enjoyed and was good at her job, but still felt that something was missing. When shopping one day, she helps out what appears to be a tourist and ends up spending the night with him. He was like a cute cat wanting to be spoiled until he suddenly locked her in his passionate gaze… Story 2: Escape Night On a stormy night, a heartboken girl picks up an injured young man with the dangerous look of a stray cat in his eyes… Story 3: First Night Konami does not love herself, and is sure that noone could ever love her. Then, she wins a competition to send a night with her favorite actor… Story 4: Switch Night A school teacher still hung up on his dead lover reunites with his former student who used to inspire him so much… Story 5: Wild Night Popular model Rino returns to her countryside hometown for her grandfather’s funderal, where she is reunited with her childhood love Shunpei… Story 6: Erotic novelist Koyomi is suffering from serious writer’s block, and her strict editor is not helping at all. Right when she is about to give up, a typhoon makes landfall… Story7: Shackled by her past trauma, Juri has lost the ability to love herself. That is until she meets Hiroki at a bondage show…
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