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Manga Abide in the Wind

Abide by the Wind, На крыльях ветра, 我若乘風, 我若乘风, 風がとどまる場所, 바람이 머무는 난

Synopsis Abide in the Wind

Reana lives peacefully in a small town deep in the province of the Earthside Kingdom. She has a loving father, an interesting job and the childlike trust in the people around her… But everything changes after she encounters a dying dragon. He is the last one of his kind and possesses the power which can shake the world – what a great titbit for others! And so Reana is thrown into turmoil, into the desperate search for answers – while the hunt after her begins. Original Webtoon : Naver, Kakaopage Official Translation : Japanese
AuthorShin Wol
ArtistShin Wol
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