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act-age ดารายอดอัจฉริยะ, عصر التمثيل, 액터쥬, アクタージュ, 演员夜凪景, 演員夜凪景

Synopsis ACT-AGE

Act-Age centers on a young woman named Kei and a genius director Sumiji who meet at an audition for rookie actresses. Kei Yonagi comes from a poor family. Her father ran out on her and her two younger siblings, leaving her to fend for the family herself after their mother’s death. When the opportunity comes to chase her dream of becoming an actress, Yonagi jumps at the chance. Catching the eye of Director Sumiji Kuroyama, Yonagi’s opportunity to shine has come. However, Yonagi’s talent for acting comes from her extreme and innate ability for Method Acting, one that various individuals note as potentially self-destructive. Cancelled in August 2020 when the writer was arrested for inappropriately touching 2 female middle school students from behind. Read for FREE on Manga Plus
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