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Manga Quest Supremacy

Quest Supremacism, Quest Supremacy, Quest 至上主義, 퀘스트지상주의

Synopsis Quest Supremacy

Gaming geek Suhyeon Kim hates school, and the dislike is mutual. Every day he faces relentless bullying from his classmates, leading him to wish his life was more like the RPG quest games he plays. Suhyeon’s wish is granted when a quest prompt pops up in real life with an easy quest and an enticing reward. With nothing to lose he takes the chance, and one quest soon leads to another. As the stakes get higher and the rewards get bigger, Suhyeon soon finds he’s gone from being an ostracized nobody to the top of the school. Just how far will Suhyeon take his quests, and how far will he fall if he refuses to participate? – Kim SooHyun is an ordinary high schooler who isn’t good at studying, fighting, or being attractive. Suddenly, he’s faced with a quest window right in front of his eyes. After being given the powers of a game “System” out of nowhere, how will our hero confront the challenges ahead of him?
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